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Is Anti-Incumbent Fever Hitting the Homefront?

Surprisingly, most Americans say they’re happier with their lives now than before the Great Recession…with their spouses, not so much.

Just last week, #10 on The New York Times Crib Sheet “Ten Things to Talk about This Weekend” was prescient: “Unease across the country. Nation looks anxiously at spouse and wonders, ‘Am I the incumbent?’

And last week as we analyzed the details of our 2010 SCAN findings just in from the field, we noticed an odd and fascinating trend: After being buffeted by the economic implosion, Americans are feeling better about many aspects of their lives. But there’s a telling exception among upper-income consumers when it comes to spouses….

Across the board, Americans are showing signs of embracing “the richer life” instead of a life of riches. We’re enjoying our children and homes more, finding more satisfaction in community and friendships. We’re taking stock of our lives and deciding what really matters. Among higher income adults, that re-evaluation apparently includes taking a good look at our spouses in the context of new economic realities and life priorities.

Implications For Business: The anti-incumbent calculation is standard operation for consumers now – in their lives and in the marketplace. The old idea of getting consumers young and keeping them for life seems more than quaint now. One thing still holds true: linking your brand to their core values is the surest way to being seen as “worth it” to consumers.

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