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Special Update

Americans Re-imagine marriage

Headlines everywhere are offering further confirmation of the growing unease around marriage that we reported in our June 2010 Digit.  That’s when our SCAN® findings revealed a surprise on the home front: while Americans’ satisfaction with life in general rose (10 points from 2008 to 2010 among upper-income consumers) and our good feelings about (almost) all of our relationships were growing more positive, the one glaring exception among upper-income consumers was “relationship with my spouse” – down a whopping 13 points.

Now Pew findings in stories in Time, USA Today, on television and online underscore the growing discontent: almost 40% of Americans saying marriage is “obsolete”.  As our SCAN® findings hinted, more and more Americans seem to be casting a skeptical eye toward the incumbent at home.  And maybe even re-imagining the concept of marriage itself.

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