Who We Are

Our Company

DYG, Inc. is a leading social science and marketing research firm founded in 1986 by Daniel Yankelovich, Florence Skelly, Madelyn Hochstein and Patrick Grande.  DYG is distinguished by its expertise in the analysis and interpretation of social/cultural trends and consumer motivation. 

DYG serves as a brain trust to top level executives and decision makers, helping our clients convert marketing insights into smart business. To stay ahead of the fast-changing and ultra-challenging consumer environment, we keep our finger on America’s pulse through DYG SCAN®, our core syndicated research service. 

At DYG, our commitment to excellence begins with a highly-experienced team of respected experts, solid technical capabilities and reliable methodology.  Taking a boutique approach to client service, we guarantee access to the highest levels of our company through on-site reporting and customized consulting.

DYG’s philosophy is to provide our clients with useful knowledge, insight and direction, not merely reports and reams of data.   Our professional staff is uniquely trained to sort through the maze, to dig beneath the surface, to bring our clients valuable perspective. We believe that in the final analysis, answers are only as good as the benefits they bring our clients.

We are a privately-owned, independent company, headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, with experts in New York and the Los Angeles area.