The American marketplace is becoming increasingly fragmented – it is more and more difficult to talk about an “average” American consumer. While there are still national trends (which SCAN continues to identify), it is critical to examine the marketplace via key subgroups – but how to define key subgroups?

The notion of generations (people grouped by what years they were born) has been a very popular and useful concept for the past 20 years. Each generation is shaped by unique social experiences, technological advancements, historical events and economic circumstances that they carry with them as they age so it makes sense to organize consumers in this way. But is an understanding of the broad generation enough to truly pinpoint marketing insight?

As a result of an exhaustive review of our SCAN data, we believe a very powerful way to organize consumers is via “Gender-ations”

  • There are meaningful differences within generations as well as across generations – - gender matters
  • And, the intersection of generation with life stage is also critical – - where they are now can modify the experiences and values they have taken with them to date

“…The generation is the fundamental concept of history…It is the generation
which provides the fundamental method for historic investigation.”

- Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset, 1921

DYG SCAN® provides an annual “Gender-ations” update.