SOS Framework

I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world. I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle” – Lyrics by Sting

That pretty well sums up consumers’ frame of mind in post–Great Recession America. And the message in the bottle is…I want Security, Opportunity, Significance.

Two themes dominate the American social climate of the past decade:

A Heightened Sense of Risk

As early as 2004, our DYG SCAN® tracking data revealed a heightened sense of risk among consumers about all aspects of life – economic, health, lifestyle, geo-political, physical security via war and terrorism. And, even before the housing and credit markets imploded and the recession kicked in, consumer attitudes revealed sharply increased signs of fear that jobs were in danger and incomes constrained. DYG SCAN® data also showed that rising risk was linked to declining trust in all institutions, that our institutions had betrayed us.

The Quest for a More Valuable Life

Our SCAN data tells us that throughout the past decade – - perhaps because of rising risk or maybe despite it – - consumers have been trying to bring more meaning into their day-to-day lives. The routes are many and varied: more focus on family and community, friends and charity; more focus on religion and spirituality; more political engagement and interest in the world’s events.

The S.O.S. Framework provides marketers and business strategists with a way to think about how to connect with today’s consumers; to get beyond the mistrust and provide Rescue…