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This just in from @TheDailyShow and SCOTUS:

Happy Fourth of July!

July 2, 2012 – Digit #13

No sooner had the Supreme Court weighed in on healthcare by upholding “Obamacare”, than Jon Stewart decoded what it meant for America via Twitter:  a chilly Fourth for families everywhere with differing opinions.

If our SCANLabs around the country are an indicator, Jon Stewart is on to something. But instead of heated debate, we might need to listen for the sounds of silence.

 Americans across demographics tell us they try to avoid talking politics with friends and family these days since it tends to get too divisive and personal:

 “I think it’s just a very personal topic. I don’t like to discuss it with people. I feel it’s too heated.” [Gen X Woman, Age 37-47, March 2012]


“All that noise is being bounced around, and you know, it’s just become muddled. And I think it’s causing a lot of misconceptions among people. I just see a mean-spiritedness around the political arena. Before, people could have civil conversations, but there’s something there that’s making people angry and making the whole conversation nasty. But I have never heard it become so ugly in the political area. Never.” [Gen X Man Age 37-47, March 2012]


 “Why has it become so nasty? I just choose to keep my mouth closed.” [Gen X Woman, Age 37-47, March 2012]


 “I don’t talk to anybody about politics. It’s a lose-lose situation. You never know when my belief is going to be offensive to somebody else and why it will be offensive to someone else. And my goal isn’t to convert people into believing what I believe. That’s not going to happen. Let’s be realistic. So I tend not to talk about that.” [Young Boomer Woman, Age 48-55, March 2012]


 “And people judge, you know.  It’s just so charged, why even go there?” [Young Boomer Man, Age 48-55, March 2012]


 “It’s so loaded… You get attacked.” [Young Boomer Woman, Age 48-55, March 2012]

Here’s hoping your only fireworks this Fourth of July are in the sky and your day is full of the happy noise of laughter.

Have a great holiday!