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Just delivered: A New Majority

The future face of American appearing now at a delivery room near you

For the first time ever, minority births have passed the 50% mark in delivery rooms across America. That birth announcement came from the Census Bureau last week, confirming the tipping point of a long-building trend: minorities have become the new majority – at least in the under one-year-old set.

While non-Hispanic whites are still the majority in the overall population, growth is on the side of minorities. In the last Census year alone, minorities in general accounted for 93% of America’s population increase.

Source: New York Times

The number trending is clear. Meanwhile, the social implications are in flux as the impact of change settles into the framework of attitudes and how we see ourselves as Americans. Our national reaction is a mash-up of expanding openness and increasing tensions.

SCAN® findings highlight the differences in attitudes:

44% of adults strongly agree that “It’s a shame that we are losing our national identity because of foreign influences.”

And yet, 47% agree that “this country has benefited from ideas and developments from other countries.”

We’ve all seen it developing for decades, but finally crossing the boundary of majority/minority is a loud and clear reminder that the future won’t look like the past. Here we go!

Business Implications: The impact of changing demographics on our culture obviously translates into changed opportunities in product innovation and marketing. The trick is gauging the nuances of how influences blend and motivations evolve. The new mash-up of values, dreams, heritage, and hopes is in its infancy, literally. One thing doesn’t change: consumers reward brands that “get” them.