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It’s 2013… and the In-Control Consumer is Here to Stay

January 21, 2013 – Digit #1

Photo: Isaac Brekken, NYT

That tapping sound you hear is the unrelenting beat of modern consumers taking control of the one thing they can: the buying experience. With mobile in hand and fingers flying on the latest apps, the post-recession consumer is planning every purchase detail.

It’s all about a consumer mindset that’s been building since the Great Recession – and now embedded in our culture. The new mantra? Maintain control in an out-of-control world.

67% say “it’s important to have a plan…”

40% scope out products in-store before going online to buy

65% research online before buying in-store

85% want more self-service and mobile options in-store
(DYG SCAN® 2012; Cisco 2013)

In our SCANLabs, surveys, and conversations with consumers around the country, three trends have been showing steady growth and influence. These are the trends driving the In-Control Consumer:

  • Risk-averseness. Shaken by everything from the Great Recession to hurricanes to school shootings, Americans crave predictability.
  • Distrust and cynicism. Forget experts – now we would rather hear from neighbors, “people like us,” or strangers online.
  • Logistics over impulse. The thrill of a sense of control now trumps the high of buying. Overly methodical approaches are standard M.O.

Business Implications: The psychology of the In-Control Consumer raises the bar on product design, brand transparency, and ease of connection and access. More than ever, brands are literally “in the consumer’s hands” … a critical perspective for brand thinking now.