Brand Image Tracking

During recessionary times, many brands are put to the test as consumers reconsider their spending habits and personal values are influenced by feelings of uncertainty.

According to our ongoing tracking through DYG SCAN®, the economic upheaval is causing Americans to re-imagine their lives on a number of levels: in general, people are more self-reliant, less trusting of institutions; “having it all” feels inappropriate in leaner times; success is now being redefined to focus on who a person is and how they choose to behave, not what they have and how much of it.

How do such shifts affect brands today and what will they mean for the future?  In an unstable economic climate, which brand messages resonate with consumers?

In addition to shifting values, the proliferation of communications platforms including social media and mobile, has created a new degree of transparency and an immediacy that can greatly impact a brand’s image.

The process

DYG brings a high level of expertise and integrity to proprietary Brand Image tracking.  Our customized studies are designed to yield the highest level of reliability in the findings, resulting in a bottom-line usefulness for brands.

Study design begins internally with company executives to assess the issues and to establish a comfortable teamwork approach.  DYG works closely with clients to define very specific consumer targets to be studied and to pinpoint the brand attributes that will be measured.

DYG practices the most stringent quality control measures throughout the sampling, interviewing, data processing and data analysis stages of its proprietary research projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to extract insights from quantitative and qualitative findings that we share with our clients in written and oral presentations.

What further sets DYG apart in the area of Brand Image tracking is that all findings are informed by DYG SCAN®, our ongoing syndicated research service that identifies and tracks social and consumer trends.   DYG analyzes the implications of these trends for industries, specific companies, and brands.

Brand Image case study

Client: premium European bottled water company

Study Objective: identify, measure and track the brand’s strengths and weaknesses in the United States market with special attention to: competitors who varied market to market (six markets were studied) and to examining a core market target sub-group which also varied in specifications market to market.

Results: The client developed a new marketing and communications strategy that enabled it to retain its core market target while successfully expanding sales beyond the core.