Consulting Services

DYG offers a range of marketing research services designed to help companies gain beneficial consumer insights at critical points in their strategic development process.  In addition to DYG SCAN®, Corporate Reputation and Brand Image Tracking, DYG’s experts are available on a consultative basis in two key areas: study design and as the voice of the consumer.

Study Design

Tapping the breadth and depth of our research experience, DYG can help you map out how to research a problem or an opportunity in the marketplace.  DYG consultants can work with you to design a study that will achieve your goals — from setting clear research objectives to choosing the right methodology.  You may choose to implement the study with us, through another vendor, or utilizing your own in-house resources.

Voice of the Consumer

For 25 years, DYG has been observing, tracking and interpreting consumer values, attitudes and behavior through DYG SCAN®.   As a result of our ongoing research, we have a unique vantage point on the consumer that can be brought to the table early in the process.  DYG consultants can contribute valuable consumer insights for idea generation, help to filter ideas through the consumer’s lens, or serve as the voice of the consumer in shaping strategy, product development and messages.