Corporate Reputation Tracking

DYG has been tracking a steady decrease in consumer’s trust in companies since the late 1990’s.  This anti-business sentiment has escalated as the collapse of major financial institutions wreaked havoc on the economy.

This climate of cynicism and distrust in corporations, as well as greater transparency brought about through the Internet and social media, necessitates a growing need for companies to track their corporate reputation.

Consumers say that when selecting a company to do business with, corporate responsibility is an increasingly significant factor influencing their decisions.

We have a definite point of view about corporate reputation tracking based on years of experience designing and implementing proprietary research for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to mid-size and smaller organizations.

The way we approach Corporate Reputation tracking differs from what is typically offered in the marketplace:

DYG offers custom designed research from the bottom up –
  • What is measured and interpreted comes organically from the company, not from a template.
DYG designs each study from scratch
  • These are not syndicated or modeled studies.
DYG extracts valuable findings and communicates useful insights
  • We avoid drowning the client in reams of data.
  • Findings are synthesized and analyzed for senior executives.
  • It will be clear what needs to be addressed.
Informed by DYG SCAN®
  • With 25 years of continuous tracking, DYG has a solid foundation of knowledge regarding consumer values and social trends that we bring to our corporate reputation analysis.

Corporate Reputation case study

Client: major domestic automotive company

Situation: on the heels of a consumer safety crisis

Study objective: to measure consumers’ perceptions of the company in light of the crisis, identify issues that could impact purchase decisions in the future, set reputation improvement goals and track progress.

DYG started the process with the consumer — to understand how they evaluate companies in general, and automotive companies in particular.  A questionnaire was developed to help gauge how important different characteristics were to consumers and to see how this auto company ranked versus its competition.  In total, 16 measurements were tracked and specific issues relating to the crisis were included.  The company was so pleased with the insights gained from the DYG study they continue to use the same study post-crisis, now to monitor the progress of their re-built reputation.