Speakers & Conferences

Speakers and Conferences

The DYG brain trust is a highly-respected team of smart, experienced, articulate professionals.  DYG senior team members are available to address company and industry meetings where they can discuss social trends and offer the most current consumer insights.

If you are interested in booking a DYG speaker for your next event, please contact us.

DYG Conferences

DYG conducts annual client conferences in New York City, Los Angeles and the Midwest.  Typically held in the spring, the conference topic picks up on the major SCAN theme for the year.

In addition to the keynote presentation, a popular aspect of DYG’s client conference is a hands-on exercise that engages participants in a stimulating activity.  In 2010, guests teamed up to brainstorm new iPad apps that addressed emerging social trends.

All DYG clients are invited to attend the conference as our guest.  For more information about DYG Conferences, please contact us.